Acquia Cloud CD

Developers thrive on a continuous delivery process in which time is invested in creating, not waiting for tools, environments, and or delays due to bottlenecks in processing pull requests from multiple developers.

Acquia Cloud CD provides developer and tester teams a continuous delivery cloud service to quickly create customer value by accelerating integration and delivery of production ready features. Acquia Cloud CD is developer-ready, automating the process of building and testing versions of code and applications using pipeline orchestration and production-like environments. Acquia Cloud CD’s continuous delivery is seamlessly integrated with the Acquia Cloud platform to speed adoption and ease operations.


For developer teams, Acquia Cloud CD enables increased productivity, code quality, and performance for the development-to-staging process. To accelerate the delivery process, it provides access to a consistent set of continuous code building, testing, and integration tools. Quality is assured with continuous, self-service access to production-like environments. Automated process pipelines allow teams to execute with continuous delivery best practices.

  • Seamless integration with Acquia Cloud - Provides a single environment for continuous integration and delivery orchestration with self-service production-like environments.
  • Risk mitigation - Reduces the risk of meaningful differences between the development and test environments. By working in environments that closely match production, test results are predictable, mitigating the risk of bugs when completing deployments.
  • Digital development velocity - Brings speed and velocity to developers while lowering risks in quality, stability, and intellectual property. The automation benefits of ready to use building and testing orchestration and self-service environments greatly reduces code and versioning inconsistencies.
  • Automates release deliveries - Automates which tests are required against which target production environments ensuring quality deployments.
  • Delivers self-service, production-like environments - Eliminates the need to move code and testing between multiple cloud platforms saving time and reducing the risk of errors, by allowing you to provision and deprovision production-like environments in Acquia Cloud on your own.

Why use Acquia Cloud CD?

Code that is built frequently needs consistency to achieve continuous integration. However, it can be challenging for individual developers on a team to achieve consistency.

In traditional deployment workflows, you need to do all of the work of assembling a website's deployment image in your code repository. For example, if a module is updated, you will have to copy the new version of that module into your repository. Also, for deployment workflows based on local builds, each developer needs to ensure that they have available all the correct prerequisites in their correct versions (such as PHP, Git, or Acquia Cloud repository access), and all developers must be able to consistently replicate this development environment locally.

Using Acquia Cloud CD, your workspace can contain just your website's version-controlled build instructions and private resources (called pipelines). You can keep the canonical version of external resources outside of your repository, and pull in the latest or other required version as you build your website for deployment. Acquia Cloud CD also provides a consistent build and testing environment to all developers in a cloud-based container, which also has access to production-like environments you can create or remove as needed.

About Acquia Cloud CD features

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