Welcome to the new Acquia Cloud interface

Acquia is excited to announce that between Tuesday, December 6, and Tuesday, December 13, 2016, we will switch over to the new user interface for Acquia Cloud. Ever since we first introduced the Acquia Cloud interface, we've spend a lot of time listening to our customers about what they liked and didn't like about it. We used the lessons we learned in a complete redesign.

The new interface is built on design principles that provide a foundation for further enhancements. While this first release offers improved security, a modern design and greater management of workflow, it is the ability to build on our experience for future functionality that is exciting. For users, the design is more modern and more responsive to different screen sizes. This provides an experience more in line with expectations. In addition, new workflows clarify administrative and development tasks.

For more information about the transition to the new interface, see the Cloud Interface Rollout FAQ.

Here's a summary of the major changes in the new Acquia Cloud interface:

Clearer workflows

The new UI establishes two major work areas, Develop and Manage, to separate workflows and simplify user interactions. The Develop area focuses on tasks associated with configuring your application or developing digital experience. The Manage area is used to manage your teams, roles, and permissions, and subscriptions.

In the Develop area of the new interface, we've established a clearer distinction between working on a whole application or on just one of your Acquia Cloud environments.

It's easier to handle subscriptions that have many applications, and applications that have many environments. The filtering, recent, and starred tools make it easier to find the applications and environments you work with most often. Viewing the thumbnail images that are now displayed for each application and switching between the grid and list views also make it easier to find what you're looking for.

Changes to Acquia terminology

We have made some changes to Acquia terminology to help clarify workflows and relationships between different business and subscription entities. Here are the two most important changes:

  • Organization replaces subscription group

    The term organization replaces the term subscription group. Your organization represents your company, which may have one or more subscriptions for Acquia Cloud. The organization’s subscription provides rights to access and host one or more applications on Acquia Cloud. Organizations may have many subscriptions, and subscriptions may have multiple applications. Users with the appropriate roles and permissions in an organization can manage access to subscriptions across applications.

  • Application replaces site

    The term application replaces the term site or website. Projects developed and hosted on Acquia Cloud are not limited to websites; your modern digital portfolio may encompass mobile or wearable apps, IoT, and future interface devices. In addition, using the term application helps distinguish between the multiple environments (Development, Staging, Production, and possibly others) on Acquia Cloud, each of which can be reached on its own URL, and the overall project.

  • For a more detailed discussion of these and other terms, see the Glossary.

SSL management

The new Acquia Cloud User interface clarifies the management of SSL certificates. Certificates are now added on a per environment basis, rather than only in the Production environment. In addition, you can assign more than one certificate per environment, but only one may be active at a time. By default, the Acquia Cloud interface uses SNI-based SSL certificates; ELB-based certificates are also available.

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