Searching across Drupal multisites

Your users can see search results from the site they are searching from or from all of the websites included in your Acquia Search multisite index. To use multisite search, first install and enable the Apache Solr Multisite Search module on each website that will be included in your Acquia Search multisite search index.

Enabling search environments for multisite indexing

To enable a search environment for multisite search indexing:

  1. On the Apache Solr search > Settings page, click the Edit link for the search environment.

  2. Select Make this Solr search environment multisite capable.

    Enable multsite in this search environment


When multiple websites are sharing an index, and the Apache Solr Access module, they may experience unexpected results. We recommend disabling the module on all affected websites and reindexing when possible.

Enabling websites for multisite indexing and searching

To enable your users to search across the websites in your multisite index, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have installed and enabled the Apache Solr Multisite Search module on each website that will be included in your Acquia Search multisite search index.
  2. If you have not yet done so, connect each site to your Acquia subscription. Add your subscription identifier and subscription key to the Acquia settings page of each site on the Acquia Network settings configuration page. Each site you wish to include in your Acquia Search multisite index must be associated with an Acquia subscription.
  3. Re-index each site that you enable for multisite indexing. For more information, read Indexing your website.
  4. In the admin menu, select the Apache Solr search > Multisite tab. After the other sites’ contents start to be indexed in the multisite index, they will appear in the Administrative functions section. To update the display, click Refresh metadata now.

Configure multisite search facets in your search environments

When you enable the Apache Solr Multisite Search module, additional search facets become available on each search environment’s Settings > Facets page.

  1. Check Enabled for each search facet that you want to make available for multisite search.
  2. For each facet you enable, you can configure its display, dependencies, and filters. For more information, see Configuring search facets.

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