Using Devel with Content Hub

Content Hub includes an extension of the Devel module for troubleshooting Content Hub-specific issues.

Enabling Content Hub Devel

The Devel extension for Content Hub can be enabled like any other Drupal module. As an administrator:

  1. Navigate to the Modules or Extend page.
  2. Select the check box next to Content Hub Development.
  3. Click Save configuration.

Using Devel

Once the module is enabled, a new Content Hub Devel tab will appear on content nodes to users with the Access developer information permission.


Accessing this tab enables you to view the CDF (common data format) information for that node. Subtabs are available for additional information:

  • Local: displays the array format of CDF for that node.
  • Local JSON: displays the JSON format of CDF for that node.
  • Remote: displays the response from the hub in the array format of CDF.
  • Remote JSON: displays the response, from the hub, in the JSON format of CDF for that node.

You can expand each of the values by clicking on their bar, so you can see the exact value of the variable.


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