Known issues in Acquia Cloud Site Factory

This page describes any known issues with Acquia Cloud Site Factory.

  • Acquia Cloud Site Factory is incompatible with Drush 9

    Although Acquia Cloud Site Factory is compatible with Drupal 8.4, the drush acsf-init command is incompatible with Drush 9. Acquia Cloud Site Factory websites should not use either of the following configurations:

    • An installation with a vendored dependency for Drush 9
    • An Acquia BLT version that includes Drush 9
  • PHP 7.1 requires Acquia Cloud Site Factory Connector version 1.40 or greater

    To use PHP 7.1 with your websites, you must use version 1.40 or greater of the Acquia Cloud Site Factory Connector module for your version of Drupal.

  • Adding a path-based domain completes with an error message

    Adding path-based domains to a website will succeed, but the domain name server (DNS) lookup failure will display an error.

  • Incorrect concurrency values are displayed for task logs

    The Task log webpage displays incorrect values for Concurrency when users attempt to view detailed task information.

  • Git checkouts fail after reporting non-existent changes to binary files

    Git checkouts fail with the following error when non-text files contain a specific byte sequence and are not explicitly defined as binary files: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by checkout. Please, commit your changes or stash them.
    Workaround - Edit the following section of your .gitattributes file:

      # Auto-detect text files, ensure they use LF.
    *         text=auto eol=lf

    and then make one of the following changes:

    • Remove the line beginning with *
    • Remove the eol=lf text
    • Ensure that a specification line is added for every binary file extension used in your repository
  • Acquia Dev Desktop overwrites settings.php

    The acsf-init command in Acquia Cloud Site Factory removes lines in settings.php inserted by Acquia Dev Desktop.
    Workaround - Remove Acquia Dev Desktop's changes to your settings.php file with git stash before executing the acsf-init command, unstashing the changes afterward.

  • Local development using Microsoft Windows for Acquia Cloud Site Factory is unsupported
    The Acquia Cloud Site Factory Connector module is incompatible with local filesystem paths in Microsoft Windows.
    Workaround - Either develop your website locally using a different operating system, or set up a Linux-based virtual machine for local development.
  • Customizations to php.ini unavailable to command-line applications
    Unlike other Acquia Cloud-hosted websites, Acquia Cloud Site Factory does not allow you to bypass the inclusion of your environment's php.ini by clearing the PHPRC environment variable.

If you encounter any difficulties with your Acquia Cloud Site Factory subscription, contact Acquia Support for assistance.

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