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Acquia Journey

Acquia Journey is a customer journey orchestration engine that provides both a visual journey map and intelligent tools to unify customer data, monitor their activity, and deliver next-best actions and offers in real time, across any channel or touchpoint — all while being integrated with Acquia’s hosting and software platform.

Brands can increase effectiveness with Acquia Journey by providing tools to support customer journeys that extend throughout the customer lifecycle: pre-purchase (marketing phase), at purchase (conversion phase), and post-purchase or post-engagement (service, support, upsell and cross-sell phase).

How Acquia Journey works

Acquia Journey provides a visual customer journey mapping tool with two primary modes: Strategy and Execution.

First, when building a journey in the Strategy mode, users can create the desired, intended, or actual journey of customers using a simple drag and drop tool, allowing them to connect touchpoints, personas, content, and whatever other elements make up this customer journey. This tool is used for planning, and is also associated with metrics which are overlaid on the journey once it’s live, as well as tied into the execution layer.

In the Execution mode, the same visual tools are used to build the underlying journey logic. This includes integrations, decisioning capabilities, data transformations, and much more. Although Acquia Journey includes several tools that allow a marketer to perform actions that would be otherwise left completely to a developer, there are also tools explicitly available to developers that allow them to save time and focus on the business logic required to execute the journey.

Getting started with Acquia Journey

Use the following pages to help you get started with using Acquia Journey: