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Acquia Lift: Content adaptor

The Acquia Lift Content adaptor allows Acquia Journey to fetch a content item from Acquia Lift using information gathered as the subscriber journey executes. The adaptor uses the APIs exposed by Acquia Lift and described in the Acquia Lift Decision API documentation.

Creating the adaptor

To use the Acquia Lift Content adaptor, complete the following steps:

  1. Create an adaptor of the type Acquia Lift.

  2. Configure the following settings for the adaptor:

    • Adaptor Action list — Click Content
    • site_id — Identifier for the subscriber website
    • account_id — Identifier for the client
    • content_connector_id — Identifier for the content connector — defaults to content_hub
    • contentId — Identifier of the content
    • Output (located in the Output section at the bottom of the page) — In the Data Schema panel, find the schema location that is the output target for the adaptor, click its name, and then click the left arrow icon to configure the adaptor output to that location

    For more information about the Acquia Lift Content API, see the Acquia Lift Decision API.

  3. After you have completed your changes, click Save Query Parameters & URL Path / Update Parameters.

  4. To close the adaptor configuration page, click the X to the right of the adaptor name in the tab bar near the top of the page.

Validation warnings

Warning Description
Adaptor does not have connection set Create a connection and choose it from the Adaptor Connection list
This adaptor’s configuration requires a data source to be set No data location for the output is selected