Running cron on your site

There are certain tasks, such as checking for updates and indexing, that must be run occasionally for your website to operate correctly, but do not need to run all of the time.

To ensure that these tasks are run based on a regular schedule, Acquia Cloud Site Factory websites use cron (also called Poor man's cron). Cron runs at a scheduled configured interval, and executes any management tasks that are directed to it by other website modules and features.

Setting a cron schedule

To configure how frequently cron runs on your website:

  1. Go to Configuration > Cron.
  2. In the Run cron every list, select the amount of time you want to elapse before cron runs again.

    We suggest that you select 1 day for your websites. For most websites, it is a bad idea to select Never for the cron run frequency.

  3. Click Save configuration.

Running cron manually

To manually run cron immediately, even if it has not reached its scheduled run time, select one of the following methods:

Cron configuration page

If you are signed in to your website as an administrator, to manually run cron:

  1. Go to Configuration > Cron.
  2. Click Run cron.

Cron URL

You can also run cron on your website by visiting a specific cron URL. Your website's cron URL is located on the Cron configuration page at Configuration > Cron.

Cron URL

Visiting the URL with your unique cron key appended to the URL will run cron on your website, even if you are not signed in.

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