Acquia Academy

Acquia Academy is Acquia’s home for learning. It’s your source for Drupal and Acquia product training, designed to help you maintain your Drupal and Acquia knowledge.

At Acquia Academy, you gain access to free and paid training on Drupal and Acquia products. You can select from self-paced e-learning, student manuals, private training options, and upcoming events sponsored by Acquia’s extensive training program events sponsored by Acquia and our training partners.

Acquia Academy branches

Acquia Academy offers the following branches with content tailored to the audience they serve. You can self-register to the branch that has the most useful content for your learning context:

  • Customer branch: is available for all Acquia customers and their development partners. For development partner access, customers must provide partner details to their Acquia Account Manager so that they can be allowlisted for self-registration.

  • Partner branch: is available for all Acquia Certified Partners.

  • Community branch: has limited course availability for prospective customers and students to learn more about Drupal or Acquia’s offerings. An administrator’s approval is required before your first login. Until your account is moderated, you see the error message stating Wrong credentials provided. Check them and try again.. After initial registration on Acquia’s community branch, wait for up to 48 hours for account moderation.


    Users can only be registered on one branch of Acquia Academy. If you already have an account on another branch, you will see an error message when you try to register on our Community branch.

Customers and partners can self-register on Acquia Academy by visiting the appropriate link, clicking the Register button, and entering the required information.

Using email address to access Acquia Academy

Acquia allowlists company specific email domains for access to customer and partner branches of Acquia Academy. Customers and partners must use their work email address when registering on Acquia Academy. They must also accept Acquia’s privacy policy. You do not need to use the same email address for access to Acquia Academy as you use for access to

Creating your Acquia Academy account


  • If you created your Acquia Academy account before April 1, 2019, and have not been notified of an administrator creating a new account for you, you must create a new account.
  • Acquia Academy requires a separate account from your Cloud Platform user account.

To self-register on Acquia Academy:

  1. Visit your self-service page as defined under Acquia Academy Branches and click Register in the upper-right of the webpage.

  2. Complete the registration form and select the checkbox to accept the privacy policy.

  3. Click Next.

    Acquia Academy sends a confirmation email to the email address that you provided.

  4. In the registration email that you receive from Acquia Academy, click the confirmation link.

    If you don’t receive a confirmation email or need help to sign in, contact Acquia Support or send an email to

  5. Visit to sign in with your new account. You may be prompted to again review and accept the Privacy Policy.

    After accepting the privacy policy, you can enroll in any available course and rate any of the courses that you take.

Signing in to Acquia Academy

If you have created an Acquia Academy account, you can sign in to Acquia Academy at