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When attempting to determine your skill at programming, it can be difficult to identify which specific issue to identify with. Keep in mind that these lessons are simply an attempt to introduce you to D8 module building. Lesson 1 attempts to teach to the middle, so module creation beginners should refer to the hints and notes for help. Advanced readers should view the hints and notes as optional and focus more on the extra credit. It is perfectly reasonable to gloss over the reading and to attempt to follow the lab goals and actions immediately and use the readings above it solely for reference.

In an ongoing effort to improve security, an upcoming release of the Acquia Cloud platform will prevent the use of an older syntax that can be used to access Acquia Cloud instances using secure shell (SSH).

Acquia recommends that all customers review their existing scripts and development processes to ensure that the standard syntax documented described both in this article and in the Using SSH/Shell access documentation page are being consistently utilized.

Current behavior

You can currently SSH into Acquia instances successfully using the following command:

There are several reasons to use Git to meet your distributed version control system (DVCS) needs and manage your website's code, including the following:

  • Manage your code locally

    With Git you can make changes and roll them back, if needed, on a local machine. Huge check-ins are not necessary. An incremental history is kept in your repository. You can work offline with Git on a local machine — you need to be online only to share changes.

  • Track changes in your code

    A DVCS is built for sharing changes. In Git, this is done by use of a Git user id, a guid. Every change has a guid, which makes it easy to track changes.