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Acquia Status page

The Acquia Status page provides the latest information about emergency maintenance, platform-wide service interruptions, and security issues affecting any of the major Acquia platforms and products, with separate status alerts for each platform and product.

Viewing incidents

The Status page also gives updates on individual incidents as they occur. When an incident is first posted, we mark the status as Investigating. We then update the status to Identified, Monitoring, or Resolved, with the appropriate information. Not every incident will pass through each of the statuses. For example, we may resolve a short, temporary blip and the status can go directly from Investigating to Resolved, skipping Identified and Monitoring.

Subscribing to Acquia Status

You can subscribe to the Acquia Status page by email, SMS messaging, or RSS/Atom feeds. You can subscribe to individual components, individual incidents, or all notifications enabling you to receive the updates appropriate for your website.

To subscribe:

  1. Click Subscribe to updates, and then select the appropriate notification method.

  2. On the Manage notifications page, select the Acquia products for which you want to receive notifications.

  3. Click Update Preferences.


If you created an RSS feed from the previous version of the Status page, you must delete your old subscription and then subscribe to the new Status page for your RSS feed to work.

Unsubscribing from status updates

To unsubscribe from Acquia status notifications:

  1. Click Subscribe to updates, and then complete the subscription process based on your existing subscription to display the Manage notifications page.

  2. Clear the checkboxes for the Acquia products for which you no longer want to receive notifications. You can select or clear all the checkboxes with the Toggle all link.

  3. After making your changes, click Update Preferences.

Changing emergency communication practices

Acquia will not send emergency notification email messages directly to subscriber contacts for any issue adequately covered by updates to

Acquia will notify subscribers by email or Support ticket if cannot cover a situation. Acquia will send an email or Support ticket if the status message is specific to a group of subscribers not represented on

Receiving Acquia maintenance notices

Acquia Support uses Campaign Studio to send notices about important maintenance issues to Acquia-hosting subscribers. In most cases, subscribers will not have issues receiving these emails. If you have configured your email server to not accept certain content, you must add certain IP address ranges to your server’s allowlist to ensure you receive the emails. Create a Support ticket for help with configuring your email server’s allowlist for accepted emails.