Acquia Academy

Acquia Certification

The Acquia Certification Program is a professional certification program for Drupal and Acquia products.

Our exams validate the skills and knowledge of professionals building and using Drupal and Acquia Platform solutions. The program consists of a comprehensive series of examinations and credentials useful to individuals and organizations to demonstrate their expertise.

Thousands of developers from around the world have participated in the program since its launch in 2014.

Acquia has overseen the professional certification program for Drupal from the start, and the certification exams are the trusted benchmark for validating and promoting expertise, reducing hiring risk, upskilling teams, and assuring successful project delivery.

Whether you are a member of a digital agency, an Acquia customer, or an individual Drupalist, the Acquia Certification Program ensures that you and your team meet a standard of skill and competence within a competitive marketplace.

Certified people are listed in Acquia’s Certification Registry, along with their company name, credential(s) earned, and other details.

About Acquia’s certification program

Why Acquia certification?

The key benefits of certification for individuals are:

  • Validates your skills and knowledge
  • Establishes your credibility and expertise with your peers
  • Gives you more visibility within the marketplace
  • Provides you with a formal certification

The key benefits for organizations building Drupal and Acquia Platform solutions are:

  • Helps you hire and develop Drupal and Acquia product expertise
  • Differentiates you in a crowded marketplace of Drupal solution providers
  • Provides a framework for training and certification for different roles on your team

Which exams are available?

Acquia offers technical certification in four competencies for Drupal. The following table represents the recommended progression through exams based on the level of Drupal experience:

Drupal examAvailable languagesCost (USD)
Acquia Certified Drupal Site BuilderEnglish, Japanese, French$155
Acquia Certified Drupal DeveloperEnglish, Japanese$250
Acquia Certified Drupal Front End SpecialistEnglish, Japanese$300
Acquia Certified Drupal Back End SpecialistEnglish, Japanese$350

Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Experts

Developers who earn Certified Drupal Developer, Certified Drupal Front End Specialist, and Certified Drupal Back End Specialist credentials automatically earn the Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert credential. No separate exam is required to become an Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert.

Acquia Platform certification

Acquia provides customers and partners with a valuable platform that enhances the speed, agility, and reliability of delivery of Drupal applications. Cloud Platform, Site Factory, and Acquia Personalization are some components of the Acquia Platform. Acquia recommends starting your product certification journey with the Acquia Certified Cloud Pro exam.

Acquia Platform examAvailable languagesCost (USD)
Acquia Certified Cloud ProEnglish, Japanese$155
Acquia Certified DAM AdministratorEnglish$155
Acquia Certified Site Factory ProEnglish$155
Acquia Certified Site Studio Site BuilderEnglish$155
Acquia Certified Personalization DeveloperEnglish$155
Acquia Certified Personalization MarketerEnglish$155
Acquia Certified Campaign Studio MarketerEnglish, Japanese$155

Test format

Test item formats used in this examination are:

  • Multiple-choice: Examinee selects one option that best answers the question or completes a statement.
  • Multiple-response: Examinee selects more than one option that best answers the question or completes a statement.

All the questions asked in the exam are scenario-based. There are three parts to each question: a scenario, a question, and the options.

  • A scenario describes a situation with a use case or a client requirement on a Drupal site.
  • Then a question is asked about the scenario or the problem.
  • Four or more options are given for possible solutions from which the candidate needs to select the correct answer or answers.

Take a look at the sample question:


You installed a new site using the Spanish language. You added new fields to the article content type alongside the default fields. The custom fields labels are in Spanish.


Which of the following statements is true when you add the French language to your site?

Answer Choices

  1. All content configuration should be translated to French manually
  2. Drupal will handle both built in and custom field translations to French automatically
  3. Drupal will handle translation of content configuration for built-in fields automatically. Custom fields will have to be translated manually
  4. Drupal will handle translation of content configuration for custom fields automatically. Built-in fields will need to be translated manually

(Correct answer: #3)

After looking at the sample question, you may realize that the questions rely on application of Drupal concepts and knowledge rather than purely memorizing the facts, code, or syntax.

Reading through long lists of documentation or books is not sufficient for answering most questions. You need experience with a number of use cases, applications, and scenarios common in Drupal projects. It will also help to have experience with change requests, support requests, or troubleshooting issues.

Acquia Certification Registry

Once you have passed your first Acquia Certified exam, you can shout it from the rooftops by adding your Acquia Certified badge to your CV, email signature, and social media profiles such as LinkedIn,, and Twitter.

You can confirm if you are registered in Acquia’s Certification Registry by visiting the Certification Registry and searching for your name.

Listings include the names, workplace, location, and specific credentials of those who earned Acquia certification.