Acquia Academy

Acquia Certification Registry

Release notes - registry

March 20, 2022

  • Feature A badge for exam contributors is added to the registry. This designation is earned by those who participate as exam committee members in developing our exams.

February 3, 2022

  • Feature Certification badges have been updated with new design. The previous designation Acquia Certified Drupal Grand Master has been changed to Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert.

October, 2021

  • Feature User control of data is added to the registry.

  • Feature You can now include links to your portfolio sites, githubID, drupalID, and Twitter handle on your profile.

  • Feature You can upload an image that you want to add to your registry profile.

  • Feature You can share your profile socially.

  • Feature You can report abusive content.

  • Feature You can download a PDF of your exam certificate.

Certification registry

If you opted in to sharing your data during the registration process, once you have passed an exam, your data will be transmitted to the Acquia Certification Registry, our source of truth for credentials (allow up to 48 hours for this transmission). Potential employers use the registry to look for Drupal and Acquia product talent, and many of our partners use the registry to market their team’s skills.

The Acquia Certification Registry uses the data in your account profiles to create your registry profile, so if that information is out of date, so will be your registry listing.

Editing your profile in the Acquia Certification Registry

  1. Access Acquia Certification Registry.

  2. In the top navigation bar, select Log in.

  3. On the login page, select Reset your password.

  4. In the Email field, enter your email address.

    This is the email address you used to register on Acquia Academy.

  5. Select SUBMIT.

    The system sends an email containing the reset password link.

  6. Click the link in the email to login.

    After you log in, you must set a new password.

  7. If you do not find the email in your inbox, check in your email spam or trash folder.

  8. If you do not find the email anywhere in your mailbox, do one of the following to request an update:

  9. Add the required details in the form and click SEND UPDATE REQUEST.

Downloading certificates you have earned from the certification registry

As a logged in user, you can download any of the certificates you have earned directly from the certification registry. To do this:

  1. On your user profile, locate the table called Download Exam Certificate/s.

  2. Find the exam for which you want to download the certificate.

  3. Click the title of the exam. Your certificate should automatically download to your computer as a PDF file.

  4. If the certificate does not download automatically, do one of the following to download it:

    • For Mac, press Option and click the exam name.

    • For PC, press Alt and click the exam name.

Exam record missing from the certification registry

After you pass an exam, it takes the system approximately 48 hours to display your exam record in the registry. If you cannot find your exam record after 48 hours, send an update request. Acquia processes the requests within a day or so.

If you have not passed an exam, your exam record will not appear in the registry.

What do I do if information from my record is missing or needs updating?

If your registry record needs to be updated, follow the instructions in how to edit your profile.

Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert designation


This designation was formerly known as Acquia Certified Drupal Grand Master.

The Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert designation is earned by any Drupalist who has demonstrated advanced Drupal expertise by achieving certification in the Acquia Certified Developer, Acquia Certified Back End Specialist, and Acquia Certified Front End Specialist exams of the same Drupal version.

No separate exam is required to become an Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert. The Acquia Certification Program awards this credential to Drupalists who pass all three of the exams. Acquia awards this designation for all versions of Drupal.

There is no certificate for an Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert designation. Instead, this designation is indicated in the Acquia Certification Registry Experts listing . The user’s profile will display an Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert badge for the respective Drupal version once the designation is achieved.

Can I achieve the Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert designation by mixing certifications of different Drupal versions?

No. The Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert designation is specific to a major Drupal version. To earn the Acquia Triple Certified Drupal Expert designation, you must pass the Developer, Front End Specialist, and Back End Specialist certification exams of the same major Drupal version.