Acquia Academy

Exam Registration


Acquia Certification exams are now available on Acquia Academy. To take Certification exams, you must have an account on Acquia Academy. For information about creating an account on Acquia Academy, see Creating your Acquia Academy account.

Enroll in a certification exam on Acquia Academy

  1. Log in to Acquia Academy.

  2. Visit the catalog: Acquia Certification Exams: GET CERTIFIED!.

  3. Click the exam you want to take.

  4. In the upper right of the page, click Enroll.

  5. In the dialog box, click Start Learning Now to access the course.

  6. In the upper right of the resulting page, click Start Learning Now.

    The system displays the Schedule and Launch your exam page.

  7. On the Schedule and Launch your exam page, click the link in Step 1 to schedule your exam with a proctor.

Scheduling an exam with ProctorU

After you click the link on the Schedule and Launch your exam page, the system redirects you to the ProctorU Exam Invitation page where you can log in or register to ProctorU and schedule your exam.

  1. On the ProctorU Exam Invitation page, do one of the following:

    • If you already have an account with ProctorU, sign in with your existing account.

    • If you do not have an account with ProctorU, create a new account.

  2. To sign in with your existing account:

    1. Click Sign in and Accept with existing user account.

    2. Enter your ProctorU username and password.

    3. Click Log in.

    4. Click Accept invitation and schedule exam now to proceed with scheduling your exam.

  3. To create a new account:

    1. Click Sign up and accept with new user account.

    2. On the Create an Account page, provide appropriate details in the fields.

    3. Accept the ProctorU terms and conditions.

    4. Select the I’m not a robot checkbox and complete the task in the ReCAPTCHA.

    5. Click Create Account.

    6. Click Accept invitation and schedule exam now to proceed with scheduling your exam.

  4. To complete the scheduling process:

    1. Select the date and time you want to take the exam, and click Submit.


      For live proctored exams, scheduling your exam within 72 hours is considered “premium scheduling” and has an additional cost. If you are using an Acquia-provided voucher for your exam, you must schedule your exam at least 72 hours in the future to avoid this cost, which is not included in the voucher.

      ProctorU finds and displays the best sessions available.

    2. From the suggested sessions list, click Select next to your preferred time and date, and then click SCHEDULE to confirm your selection.

    3. On the Confirm Session page, review your exam details including time, date, and exam, and click Proceed to Cart.

    4. If you have a voucher or access code, enter it in the Have an access code field and click Apply. Otherwise, click Charge to Account/Proceed to Payment.

    5. Complete the form and click Charge to Account.

      You should receive a confirmation email from ProctorU with the details of your exam time and date, basic instructions and resources, and links to manage your reservation. You will receive reminder emails 10, 6, and 3 days before your scheduled exam appointment. For more information about the exam registration process, click this link.

No-Show Policy

Acquia has a strict no-show policy for exams. If you miss your scheduled time for an exam, you forfeit that test attempt. Since proctors monitor scheduled exams, Acquia does not provide a refund for no-shows. You must register and pay for the exam again or use a new access code for the exam. Setting up your computer to take an online exam takes some time. Acquia recommends setting up and testing your computer at least 72 hours before the exam start time. This way, if you have a technical issue that prevents you from taking your exam, you will still be able to reschedule without paying a rescheduling fee.

Requesting special accommodations for test-taking

Acquia can provide special accommodations for test-taking for those who need them.

To request a specific accommodation after you create a ProctorU account, write an email with your full name and the required accommodation, and email it to: Any requested accommodations are added to your user account, rather than to a specific exam, so you only need to request them once.

When you take an exam, your proctor will see any accommodations they need to provide for you.

Accommodation examples

  • Speaking/reading aloud

  • Restroom breaks

  • Text-to-speech programs (we officially support: JAWS, VoiceOver for Mac, and Narrator for Windows)

  • Speech-to-text programs (extension-based applications are not supported)

  • Use of headphones, earbuds, or earplugs

  • Personal external medical devices

  • Human assistant for the exam such as a scribe or reader

  • Food permitted

  • Screen magnifier (extension-based applications are not supported)

  • Permitted background noise

  • English as a second language

If you require an accommodation that is not on this list, contact us with details.

Registering for other users

Due to the nature of certification exams, Acquia does not allow you to sign up for others seeking to take an exam. Every exam requires the user who will be taking the exam to sign up for their own account.