Acquia Academy

Exam Results

If you pass your exam

If you pass an exam, your passing score will be displayed on the screen, and you will gain access to download a PDF of your certificate. In addition:

  • Your exam data will be transmitted to our Certification Registry, where you can edit your profile to include your profile image, portfolio sites you want to list, and social links like Twitter, LinkedIn,, and Github.

  • You can download additional copies of your certificate from the registry once your account is created.

  • You can download your digital badge by right-clicking the badge image on your registry profile.

If you do not pass your exam - our retake policy

When you purchase an exam, you purchase only one attempt at the exam. If you do not pass an exam, you will see your score on the screen. These results may help you determine which test sections need more preparation before your next attempt at the exam.

You may retake the same exam a total of three times. A fourth attempt requires a waiver from the Acquia Certification Program office. This waiver allows us to make sure you are preparing correctly and taking the level of exam you intend for your skill level.

To retake the exam, you must register again for the exam and either pay full price or use a coupon or voucher.