Acquia Academy

Online Proctored Exam

Use of a non-work or personal computer for exams

Acquia recommends the use of a personal or non-work computer to take our exams as the installation of exam software and browser extension may be restricted to administrators in some workplaces.

Before taking an online proctored exam, ensure you do the following:

  1. Review the system requirements for online proctored exams several days before your exam to ensure you have the correct hardware and software.

    ProctorU provides a system check that you can perform before your exam.

  2. Install the Guardian browser on your machine. Read more information about the Guardian browser and download links.

  3. Set up and test your computer at least 72 hours before the exam start time, so if an issue arises that prevents you from taking the exam, you may reschedule the exam without paying a fee.

  4. Use an internal webcam or arrange an external webcam.

  5. Disconnect any extra monitors.

  6. Prepare a quiet place where you can take the exam alone, as you will be monitored and noise or busy surroundings may cause the proctor to suspend your exam.

  7. Remove any restricted materials from your workspace.

    These include headphones, papers, folders, books, or other reading material. You will need a cell phone with camera to complete the exam setup with the proctor. After the setup, you must store your phone out of sight.

  8. Do not seek help or tutoring during an exam. This is strictly prohibited.

Signing in to take your certification exam

The exam must be taken using the Guardian browser. Therefore, install it beforehand as mentioned in Step 2 of the previous section. You must log in to ProctorU before your exam start time. Acquia recommends you take a few minutes to prepare your workspace and remove any distractions and restricted materials before the proctor initiates the exam preparation process. When taking a proctored exam, you and the proctor will access your exam on Acquia Academy together. After entering a password, the proctor will pass control on to you so you can take your exam.

To begin your exam, you must enter the login credentials for both your ProctorU and Acquia Academy accounts.

No-Show Policy

Acquia has a strict no-show policy. If you miss your scheduled time for an exam, you forfeit that test. Since proctors monitor scheduled exams, Acquia does not provide a refund for no-shows. You must register and pay for the exam again or use a new voucher to pay for the exam. Setting up your computer to take an online exam takes some time. Acquia recommends setting up and testing your computer at least 72 hours before the exam start time. This way, if you have an issue that prevents you from taking your exam, you will still be able to reschedule without paying a rescheduling fee.