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Acquia CLI

Acquia CLI is a command-line interface for interacting with Cloud Platform services. Acquia CLI helps you to:

  • Run Drush commands on your Acquia-hosted applications without setting up Drush or Drush aliases.
  • Access your Acquia-hosted applications using SSH.
  • Tail logs on your Acquia-hosted applications.
  • Manage your Acquia Cloud IDEs.
  • Interact with over 200+ Cloud Platform API endpoints.
  • Do much more (see all available commands)


To get started, Install Acquia CLI.


  • Acquia CLI does not provide or manage local development environments. If you are looking for a packaged development environment, consider using Acquia Cloud IDE.
  • For more information on Acquia CLI, sign in to Acquia Academy and access the E-learning material.