Acquia CLI

Acquia CLI installation


Acquia CLI requires PHP 8.0 or later, with the PHP-JSON and PHP-PHAR extensions enabled. If you use PHP 7.4, follow the instructions to download earlier releases.

Commands that require a Cloud Platform account prompt you to link your account, if necessary. For more information, see Authenticating with Cloud Platform API.

Installing Acquia CLI


Acquia CLI is distributed as a standalone Phar archive. Do not install Acquia CLI using Composer, as it might create dependency conflicts.

Open Terminal and type the following commands to automatically install Acquia CLI. Remember to press Enter to execute each command.

  1. Download Acquia CLI:

    curl -OL
  2. Make the file executable:

    chmod +x acli.phar
  3. Rename the file and move it to a location that is globally accessible. This step allows you to type acli from anywhere on your system.


    If the following command fails, prefix it with sudo. When the system prompts for a password, enter your password.

    mv acli.phar /usr/local/bin/acli

Run acli from anywhere on your system to view the installed version of Acquia CLI and a list of commands.

If you see the Class 'Phar' not found error, ensure that the PHP-PHAR extension is enabled.

Acquia CLI warns you if any other runtime requirements are not met. Follow the instructions provided by the error messages.

After installing Acquia CLI, proceed to Getting started with Acquia CLI.

Unstable releases

To enable a larger audience to test new features, Acquia sometimes publishes unstable releases, such as alpha or beta.


Preview releases may contain critical bugs. Use them at your own risk.

To allow Acquia CLI to download unstable releases, run the following command:

$ acli self-update --preview
Downloading Acquia CLI (acquia/cli) 1.30.0-beta1
Download finished
Successfully updated acli

To revert Acquia CLI to download stable releases only, run the following command:

$ acli self-update --stable
Downloading Acquia CLI (acquia/cli) 1.30.0
Download finished
Successfully updated acli

Earlier releases

Acquia recommends you to install Acquia CLI 2.x. It is the latest supported version and receives frequent feature updates. Acquia CLI 2.x requires PHP 8. If you use PHP 7, you can install Acquia CLI 1.x, which is minimally supported.

To install Acquia CLI 1.x, follow the earlier steps after replacing the download URL with the latest 1.x release:

curl -OL


Acquia does not recommend installing Acquia CLI 1.x.