Acquia CLI

Getting started with Acquia CLI

This document provides the steps to perform the following:


To troubleshoot most of the error messages related to Acquia CLI, run the commands again using the --verbose option to diagnose issues.

Authenticating with Cloud Platform API

To begin using Acquia CLI, authenticate against your Cloud Platform account. Open your Terminal and type:

acli auth:login

This command prompts you to open the page from which you can create a Cloud Platform API token in the Cloud Platform user interface.


If you use other Acquia products, such as Pipelines CLI, your machine might already be authenticated with the Cloud Platform, and you can reuse an existing token.

See the following example:

$ acli auth:login
You will need a Cloud Platform API token from
Do you want to open this page to generate a token now? y
Please enter your API Key: <ENTER API KEY HERE>
Please enter your API Secret: <ENTER API SECRET HERE>
Saved credentials to /home/<user>/.acquia/cloud_api.conf

You can also authenticate in a non-interactive manner through Terminal by providing your tokens as parameters or environment variables. For more information about providing your tokens as parameters, run the following command:

acli auth:login --help

In priority order, Acquia CLI will accept the following:

  1. An access token stored in the ACLI_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable with its corresponding ACLI_ACCESS_TOKEN_EXPIRY value

  2. An ACLI_KEY environment variable and its corresponding ACLI_SECRET

  3. Values defined in ~/.acquia/cloud_api.conf as generated by the acli auth:login command

Setting up SSH access to Cloud Platform environments

To interact with Cloud Platform, you must generate and upload an SSH key. This allows you to access your Cloud Platform environments using SSH.

Run the following command:

acli ssh-key:create-upload

Next steps

For more information on Acquia CLI, see Acquia CLI commands.