Code Studio

Automatic Updates

Code Studio provides automatic code updates through scheduled pipelines. Therefore, you must create a scheduled pipeline. When the scheduled pipeline runs, Code Studio scans your code for outdated Composer packages and deprecated code, and creates new merge request(s) if updates are available.

These merge requests trigger the AutoDevops pipelines, automatically test the changes, and stage them on an Acquia CDE. On successful completion of all tasks, you can merge the merge requests.

Enabling automatic code updates

Automatic Updates are automatically enabled by default when you follow the Create a Code Studio project instructions.

You can create additional scheduled Pipelines and trigger them on demand by completing the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Code Studio user interface or the link provided upon creation in the Cloud IDE.

  2. Click New schedule to create a new scheduled pipeline.

  3. In Description, enter a description for the scheduled pipeline.

  4. In Interval Pattern, do one of the following:

    • Select your desired frequency from the options provided.

    • Select Custom and set your custom frequency.


    Acquia recommends the Interval Pattern frequency of once per week.

  5. Complete the remaining fields and then click Save pipeline schedule to save the pipeline.

  6. On the Schedules page, click the play button next to the pipeline you just created to test your new scheduled pipeline on demand.

    Code Studio creates a new merge request with the updates.