Code Studio

Getting started with Code Studio


Before you begin

Before you get started with Code Studio, you must:

  • Review requirements and prerequisites for using Code Studio.
  • Have a Code Studio project for your application hosted on Cloud Platform, so that you can take advantage of the AutoDevOps CI/CD pipeline that Code Studio offers. This guide assumes that you are creating a Code Studio project from an existing application in Cloud Platform that contains a populated Drupal codebase.

    After you complete the steps to create a project for your Cloud Platform application, you have an AutoDevOps pipeline in Code Studio that:

    • Builds, tests, and deploys your Drupal application for each commit
    • Builds, tests, stages, and deploys your Drupal application for each merge request
    • Performs scheduled Pipelines to automatically update your Composer packages and deprecated custom code

    The AutoDevOps pipeline is managed by Acquia. However, you can customize certain settings in your Code Studio project with environment variables. For more information, see environment variables.

Checklist to get started

Use the following checklist to get started with Code Studio:

1Enabling your subscriptionEnable your Code Studio subscription in the Cloud Platform user interface.
2Viewing your subscriptionView your Code Studio subscription and entitlement details in the Cloud Platform user interface.
3Managing user seatsManage users for your group through the Cloud Platform user interface.
4Creating a projectCreate a new Code Studio project through the Overview or Code Studio management page.
5Setting up a Code Studio projectSet up a newly-created or existing Code Studio project.

Limitations of using Code Studio with Site Factory applications

Customers with Site Factory applications can leverage the Continuous Integration (CI) capabilities of Code Studio. However, certain features that are available on Code Studio for Cloud Classic and Cloud Next applications are not available for Site Factory applications.

The following are the limitations of using Code Studio with Site Factory applications:

  • Continuous Delivery Environments (CDEs) are incompatible with Site Factory. You must disable the CDE job by setting ACQUIA_JOBS_CREATE_CDE to false. For more information, see modifying the environment variables.
  • The Code Studio Auto DevOps pipeline is pre-configured to build, test, and deploy a single site.
    • If the codebase is correctly configured for Drupal, Code Studio selects the default site that represents the entire set of sites in your Site Factory application. The default site is docroot/sites/default.
    • To pull the database of a specific site into the AutoDevOps pipeline, see Using the sync strategy.
    • To modify the default behavior, you can customize the Auto DevOps pipeline. For more information, see customizing the Auto DevOps pipeline.

For more information about setting up a new Site Factory site with Code Studio, see Integrating Code Studio and Site Factory.