Code Studio

Managing your Code Studio user seats

Your Code Studio subscription provides you a group where you add users whom you want to provide access. You can then use the group to manage your projects. You can manage users for your group through the Cloud Platform user interface.

The following table describes the terms group, project, and user:

GroupA group is unique to your customer organization or subscription. As part of a Code Studio subscription, Acquia provides every customer one unique group for their organization to enable them manage their projects.
ProjectA project is a single codebase synonymous with your Acquia hosted application. For instructions on how to create a project for your Acquia hosted application from the Cloud Platform UI, see Creating a Code Studio Project.
UserA user belonging to a group gains access to all projects within that group.

To view a list of users that have access to your Code Studio subscription and the applications that have an associated project directly in the Cloud Platform UI, see Viewing a Code Studio subscription.

User roles and permissions

When you assign a user seat in Code Studio, you must also assign a user role, which determines how the user interacts with Code Studio.

In Code Studio, a user can have one of the following user roles:

  • Owner
  • Maintainer
  • Developer
  • Reporter
  • Guest

Users with the Owner role in your group are responsible for assigning user seats to your group in Code Studio. For each group in Code Studio, one or more users must have the Owner role. Users with the Owner role provide all permissions.

Each user role has a predefined set of permissions assigned to that role. These permissions define what tasks a user is permitted to action in their Code Studio group and associated projects. All user roles and permissions are inherited from GitLab. For more information, see User permissions and roles.

Assigning Code Studio user seats

After your subscription is enabled with Code Studio, you can assign user seats.

To assign Code Studio user seats:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface.
  2. Go to Manage and select your organization.
  3. Click Subscription and select the Code Studio subscription.
  4. View the number of seats that you can assign.

  5. To assign a seat, click Assign Seat.
  6. Select a user and a role for the user.

    Code Studio is powered by GitLab and all user roles available in Code Studio are synonymous with GitLab user roles. For more information about GitLab permissions and roles, see Project members permissions.

  7. Click Assign Seat.

After you assign seats to your users, you are ready to create a Code Studio project for a new or existing Acquia-hosted application.

Revoking Code Studio user seats

If a user does not need access to Code Studio, you can revoke their Code Studio seat and make the seat immediately available for assigning to another user. Revoking the seat of a user does not remove their previous project contributions such as commits and merge requests. 
To revoke the seat of a user:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface.
  2. Go to Manage and select your organization.
  3. Click Subscriptions and select the Code Studio subscription.
  4. In the Seat Assignments section, click the ellipsis (...) icon next to the user whose seat is to be revoked. 

  5. Click Revoke seat assignment.
  6. In the Revoke Seat Assignment dialog box, type confirm in the text box, and then click Revoke

    The system revokes the seat and makes it available for assigning to another user.