Code Studio

Integrating Code Studio and Site Factory

To configure Code Studio to work with Site Factory:

  1. Connect your Cloud Platform application with Code Studio.

  2. Push code through your Site Factory Git repository.

  3. To continue setting up multisites, see Using multisite with Cloud IDE.


    Cloud IDE supports path-based Drupal multisites. For more information about path-based and domain-based multisites, see Drupal Domain vs. Path Based Multisite Configuration.

    To set up domain-based multisites or additional multsites in your workspace, you can use a tool such as Lando.


    The Auto DevOps pipeline of Code Studio does not take advantage of multisites out of the box. It runs commands and tests only against the default site. To execute the pipeline against multiple sites, you must customize the default Auto DevOps pipeline. For more information, see Code Studio and Acquia Site Factory/Drupal Multisite.