After deploying the property configuration to the production environment on Akamai and successfully testing it, you can launch the domain.

Update DNS

The DNS for the domain must be updated to point to Akamai. Akamai can only be pointed to utilizing the CNAME address that is listed in the property configuration in the Edge Hostname column. In the following example, the www.example.com domain can have the DNS updated as a CNAME record to example.edgesuite.net to launch the domain through Akamai.

Performing a lookup of the IP associated with the Edge Hostname must only be used for testing the domains through Akamai. The IP address identified during the lookup must never be used to point to a production domain to Akamai. IP addresses can change periodically without notice. Therefore, it is not supported to point to an Akamai IP address directly.

If the DNS provider can leverage an ANAME or ALIAS record, the bare domain can also be configured to point to Akamai. However, if this is unsupported with the existing DNS provider, the bare domain must have a redirect on the origin server.