Cloud IDE

Executing commands using the command palette

Cloud IDE provides many commands to help you develop and manage your code—so many that it can be difficult to keep track of them all. To ensure you have a place to find and run the commands you require, Cloud IDE provides a command palette for your use. The command palette enables access to all features by listing all available commands, and includes their keyboard shortcuts.

Opening the command palette

To display the command palette, use the following keyboard shortcut, based on your installed operating system:

  • macOS: Command+Shift+P

  • Windows: Ctrl+Shift+P

  • Linux: Ctrl+Shift+P

The command palette will list available commands in alphabetical order (when applicable), grouped by topic, and will also include keyboard shortcuts.

Displaying available commands

To display a list of all available commands you can perform from the current view, open the command palette, and then enter a question mark ( ? ) into the command palette.