Cloud IDE

Using views to learn more about your environment

By default, Cloud IDE displays the Explorer view, but also includes several other views to help you as you develop and manage your code, including the following:

  • Debug: Display variables, call stacks, and breakpoints.

  • Git history: Display information about commit history.

  • Search: Perform global search-and-replace functions in the currently open folder.

Displaying or hiding a view

After setting up your Cloud IDE, you can select a view to either display or hide by completing the following steps:

  1. From the command line on your local computer, run the following command to open your Cloud IDE:

  2. In your Cloud IDE, click View in the admin menu.

  3. Select your desired view.

If your Cloud IDE wasn’t previously displaying your view, Cloud IDE will display the view and add an icon to the Activity Bar, or highlight it if it’s already visible.