Cloud Platform

Shared or dedicated infrastructure

Applications can be hosted together on shared infrastructure or independently on dedicated infrastructure.

The following is main criteria in determining the right choice:

  • If the application is mission critical and needs the most risk averse infrastructure configuration, use dedicated infrastructure.

The following table lists both the infrastructure types:

Infrastructure type



Sharing infrastructure with other applications can save hosting costs for applications of similar size and category. Server resources such as memory are split equally amongst all applications. The biggest risk in shared hosting is that one application can consume more of the underlying resources and cause impairment to other applications. Shared infrastructure can handle as many applications as resources allow.


Dedicated infrastructure is free from other applications consuming server resources. If the application is larger than the other applications already hosted on a cluster, having dedicated infrastructure makes sense. Security compliance may prevent an application from being hosted alongside another. In addition, you can leverage dedicated infrastructure, such as load balancers, to conduct vulnerability scans and load tests. For more information, see Vulnerability scans and (Optional) Use a dedicated load testing environment.