Cloud Platform

Single application or multisite configuration

There are many considerations to take into account if you host an application independently or alongside other applications in a multisite configuration. The most important factor in making this decision is the criticality of the application.

To determine the best configuration for an application, find the answer to the following questions:

  • Is this application and its uptime mission critical to the business?

    • Would the company lose revenue if downtime occurs?

    • Will the brand be negatively impacted as a result of downtime?

If the answer to these questions is “yes”, then use a single application configuration.

The following table lists both the configurations:



Single application

This configuration is reserved for mission critical applications with unique functionality. In this configuration, you host a mission critical application independently from any other application so that the application does not affect the uptime by utilizing server resources. Security policies can also prevent other dev teams from accessing the code repository.


This configuration is intended for applications that are smaller in size and have lesser impact to the business if outages occur. Applications hosted in a multisite configuration have similar functionality and traffic patterns with a significant amount of feature parity amongst applications. A centralized platform owner and development team are preferred to easily communicate and coordinate regarding enhancements, testing, and deployments. Deploying new enhancements to the platform must happen on a fixed schedule.