Cloud Platform

Change management and maintenance

This topic describes Acquia’s policies and procedures for change management and system maintenance on Cloud Platform.

Infrastructure and maintenance

Acquia hosts Cloud Platform subscribers using Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers; Amazon has overall responsibility for the infrastructure serving the website. Amazon maintains service agreements with the infrastructure and software manufacturers in use in its data centers, which is necessary to achieve ISO 27002 and SAS70/SSAE16 audit certifications.

Provisioning tools

Acquia uses custom APIs and central management tools to provision new hosting clusters, attach storage volumes, and install software and dependencies to provide uniformity in each subscriber’s environment. Acquia also uses these central management tools to manage OS and platform configurations and to apply security patches across all systems.

System maintenance and downtime

Acquia is committed to delivering industry-leading, reliable hosting services. Acquia’s policy regarding changes and updates to infrastructure in use by subscribers is to make the changes with as little subscriber impact as possible. Delivering these services requires, on occasion, system maintenance.

The Cloud Platform Enterprise 99.95% SLA applies to unscheduled downtime and does not include scheduled maintenance downtime.

Scheduled maintenance

The Cloud Platform Enterprise high availability cloud architecture ensures the vast majority of system maintenance takes place without impact to services.

Acquia notifies subscribers at least 48 hours in advance of a scheduled system maintenance that carries a risk of website downtime. This maintenance is scheduled from 11:00 PM (23:00) to 7:00 AM (07:00) local time for the application’s service region.

Emergency maintenance

From time to time, a website or infrastructure emergency may require immediate maintenance. Acquia reserves the right to perform emergency maintenance to correct website problems, address critical security issues, and respond to critical alerts. Reasonable efforts will be made to avoid website downtime.

Customer requested maintenance

Acquia Support will implement customer-requested changes that carry a risk of outage at a time mutually agreeable to the customer and Acquia.