Cloud Platform

Importing an application

This document contains information about importing an application with the Cloud Platform user interface.

After you create a site archive file, you are ready to import your site archive. The site archive file must be less than 100 MB in size and be available at a publicly accessible URL. If the site archive file is greater than 100 MB in size, use one of the following methods:

To import an existing Drupal site archive into a Cloud Platform environment by using the Cloud Platform user interface:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface.

  2. Select your application and select the Development environment.

    If you don’t want to overwrite the contents of any of your current applications with an imported application, you can create a new application in your Cloud Platform subscription.

  3. In the Overview page for your development environment, click Install Drupal.

    The Install Distribution page opens.

  4. Click Import from URL.

  5. Enter the URL of the Drush site archive you want to import, and click Import.

After you import

Importing an application takes several minutes. The Cloud Platform user interface reports when the import task is complete. To ensure Cloud Platform imported your application, sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface, go to the Overview page for your development environment, and then click the URL link.

After Cloud Platform imports your codebase, files, and database, it adds the include statement to the application’s settings.php file so your code can access the correct database. For more information about this file, see Acquia require line.

To start developing your application on Cloud Platform, check out a local copy of the repository using Git.