Cloud Platform

Copying your code to a new Git repository

Occasionally you may need to remove and replace your current code repository, while keeping the existing code intact.

To copy your code from an existing Cloud Platform repository to a new repository:

  1. Clone the code from the existing repository to ensure you have a recent, accurate version of your codebase.

  2. Open a command prompt window, and then run the following command to ensure you have the most up to date code commits:

    git log
  3. Use the following command to add the new code repository as a remote, which will enable you to push code to the new repository using the same method as the origin:

    git remote add new-origin
  4. Validate that the new remote origin has been added properly by using the following command:

    git remote -v
  5. Push the mirrored code to the new origin:

    git push --mirror new-origin
    git push --all new-origin
    git push --tags new-origin
  6. With the following commands, rename the origin to be the new repository:

    git remote rename origin old-origin
    git remote rename new-origin origin

Your code repository should now have a clean, working copy of the previous code.