Cloud Platform

Sending updates to your code repository

When you make changes to your Drupal docroot that you want to save and deploy to your site, commit the changes from your local workspace directory. Remember that you can commit only to a branch, not to an existing tag. You can find these and other useful VCS commands in the Cloud Platform Application info panel.

Committing with Git

In the following Git commit, note that the -a option sends all of the changes that you made to the workspace. To commit only a specific file or directory, replace -a with the name of the folder or directory.

git commit -a -m "Added Foo module."

After you use the commit command to send your changes to your local clone of the repository, you must use the git push command to push the changes to the appropriate branch of your code on Cloud Platform. For example, if you are deploying from a branch named master, use the following command:

git push origin master