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Exact phrase searching with Apache Solr Search module

Acquia Search and the Apache Solr Search module use the DisMaxRequestHandler, which does not support exact searches with quotations but instead supports a phrase search. For example, “culture of service-learning” and “service-learning of culture” would match the same documents.

This handler has many benefits. It allows the module to search across multiple fields in the document easily, supports complex weighting of different search results, and allows you to tune the search results for your site audience, while requiring no processing of the user’s input keywords.

The advanced configuration option allows you to use full Lucene syntax using the EDismax parser for all searches. Otherwise, it will be applied only when the search contains a wildcard ( *) or question mark ( ?). For more information about Lucene query syntax, see Apache Lucene - Query Parser Syntax.

These instructions assume you have already installed ApacheSolr.

Drupal 7

To use Lucene syntax searching in Drupal 7, you must enable it in the Apache Solr search settings. To do this:

  1. In the admin menu, go to Configuration > Apache Solr search.

  2. Click Advanced configuration.

  3. In the Always allow advanced syntax for Acquia Search section, select the Enabled option.

  4. Click Save Configuration.

This is the Acquia Search configuration page for Drupal 7: