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Getting started

Acquia Search is powered by Solr, which helps you deliver fast and engaging site search experiences. Solr is a popular open-source search service that enables Drupal applications to index site content and fetch search query results.


You can use the Solr Community documentation to support the implementation of Solr. You can refer to the following resources:


You can select Solr per environment and not per application.

Complete the following tasks to start using Acquia Search with your website:



Create a search index for your site

Create a Solr index for your Drupal application through the Cloud Platform administration interface.

Install Acquia Search

Complete this task if the current Drupal version is used for creating your website.

Install Acquia Search for Drupal 7

Complete this task if Drupal version 7 is used for creating your website.

Install the required modules

Download, install, and enable the recommended modules to use Acquia Search with your Drupal website.

After you enable Acquia Search and index your website, use the following documentation to configure search on your website: