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Installing Acquia Search for Drupal 7

Use the following requirements and instructions to install Acquia Search for Drupal 7.


  • Prepare a local development environment for the project.

  • Create an index for your website using the default Drupal 7 Solr configset.

Pick the right Drupal Search module ecosystem for you

There are two module ecosystems that can be used for Solr with Drupal 7, Search API and Apache Solr Search. You must pick one of the two module ecosystems for your Acquia Search implementation.

This decision should be based on your own research and testing. We recommend researching the search-related features you want to implement on your website and compare them to what these module ecosystems use.


A single site should use only one of the preceding options. Enabling modules from both options can cause problems.

2. Apache Solr Search Integration module ecosystem

Required modules:

Installation process

For the installation process for Acquia Search with Drupal 7, see the instructions for your selected module ecosystem: