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How search facets work

Search facets enable users to refine or sort their search result set. Users can begin with a general search and narrow down the result set as they understand better what content is available on your website. This topic gives some examples about how to use search facets. For more information, see Configuring search facets.


The examples on this page require the Apache Solr Search: Current Search block to be enabled and displayed. To display the required search block, complete the following steps:

  1. In the admin menu, select Structure.

  2. Click the Blocks link.

  3. In the list to the right of Facet API: Apache Solr environment: Acquia Search : Current Search, click Sidebar first.

  4. Click Save blocks.

The Current Search Blocks module is part of the Facets API module. For more information, see How do I use the new Current Search Blocks module? on