Cloud Platform

Migrating a repo to GitHub from the command line

If you have a Git repository which is cloned from a Cloud Platform repository and you want to use the Cloud Platform Pipelines command-line client to switch to using GitHub as the source repository for the associated application, complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have all the latest commits from the Cloud Platform repository by executing the following command:

    git fetch
  2. Rename the Cloud Platform remote repository from origin to your desired new name, such as cloud:

    git remote rename origin cloud
  3. Add a new remote repository named origin for the GitHub repository you want to use, replacing [USER] and [REPO] with the appropriate values:

    git remote add origin [email protected]:[USER]/[REPO].git
  4. Push all branches from the repository to GitHub:

    git push origin --all --force
  5. Run the pipelines github-connect command to associate this repository with your Cloud Platform application.