Cloud Platform

Viewing Pipelines job history

The Job List page for Cloud Platform displays the pipeline jobs in progress or recently completed.

Information about your current and completed pipeline jobs is located in the Activity table.

How to access job lists

To view information about your Cloud Platform Pipelines in Cloud Platform:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface.

  2. Select the application that you want to use.

  3. In the left menu, click Pipelines.

Cloud Platform displays information about the application’s Pipelines jobs.

Understanding the job lists interface

The Activity table includes information about each of your recently completed jobs in a table, with the most recent job displayed first.

  • Status: Indicates the success or failure of the job

  • Job: Internal, reference name for the job

  • Branch: The Git branch used to execute this job

  • Commit: The commit reference from your Git repo

  • Duration: The amount of time the job took (or is taking) to complete

  • Completed: How long ago the job finished

  • Actions: If available, click the globe icon to open the environment related to the job


If you have any questions about the output from a job, contact Acquia Support.

Viewing individual job output

For more detailed information about any job in the Activity table, click its name in the Job column. For more information about reading and understanding job output, see Viewing job output.