Cloud Platform

Managing applications with the Cloud Platform interface

In the Cloud Platform user interface toolbar, select Develop to view the Applications page. The Applications page displays all the applications you have access to. These applications are hosted by Cloud Platform. You can tag application and use filtering options to manage applications easily.

Modifying views of applications

Select the grid or list icons to switch between the following displays for all applications:

  • Grid view: Displays a tile for each application with its name, URL, application tags, and if applicable, version of PHP installed on the production environment

  • List view: Lists each application with its name, URL, application tags, and if applicable, version of PHP installed on the production environment

To view a subset of your applications, you can use the following features:

  • Select the triangle in the breadcrumb menu to display a list of organizations your account belongs to, and the applications each organization controls.

  • Select the Filter Applications field to the right of the grid and list icons to limit which applications are displayed. Start typing in the field. The Applications page displays the applications whose names or application tags match the string you enter. You can also use or as an operator to use more than one filter.

  • Select the Starred button to view the starred applications. To star an application, use the corresponding star icon.

Using the Applications page

The Applications page provides the following features to help you manage your applications:

  • Select the application name (or, in grid view, Manage) to work with the application’s environments.

  • Select the application’s URL to visit the application in a new browser window.

  • Select the star in the upper-right corner of an application’s card to include it in the Starred list.

  • Select the plus sign in an application’s card to add an application tag.

Adding applications

To create a Cloud Platform application, select Add Application. Alternatively, you can buy an additional Cloud Platform Professional subscription. To create a new Cloud Platform Enterprise or Site Factory application, contact your Acquia account team.

Renaming applications

To change the name of an existing application:

  1. In the Cloud Platform user interface, select the application.

  2. Click Actions > Rename application.

  3. Enter the new name for the application and click Rename.

Deleting applications

The following subscription levels and groups don’t allow you to delete applications from the Cloud Platform user interface, and instead require you to create a Support ticket to remove any applications:

  • Cloud Platform Enterprise

  • Site Factory

  • Partners

  • Cloud Platform Professional subscribers using non-credit card payment methods

Obtaining your application ID

Occasionally, your use of Cloud Platform may require you to provide your application’s unique identifier—this may be referred to as the UUID or the Application_ID. Use the following method to locate your application’s ID:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface.

  2. Select the application.

  3. Examine the Cloud Platform webpage’s URL in your browser’s address bar, which should appear similar to the following value:[string]

    The [string] is your application’s UUID.

This ID may be used with methods in the Cloud Platform API, and with other development applications that can use it for identifying a particular application to read or modify.