Cloud Platform

Accessing your database from the command line

You can access the databases of your Cloud Platform application by running the ah-sql-cli command, or by using the Cloud Platform API. The ah-sql-cli command is the same as running the drush sql-cli command, except ah-sql-cli does not require a functioning Drupal website.

If you prefer to use a GUI, you can use phpMyAdmin, a GUI-based MySQL database management tool. For more information, see Tools for administering your database.

Accessing your database with ah-sql-cli

To access a database in your application using the ah-sql-cli command:

  1. Connect to an environment of your application using SSH.

    For more information, see Managing applications using the command line.

  2. Open a connection to your database with a command similar to the following:

    ah-sql-cli @[site].[env]

    Replace [site] with your application name and [env] with the name of the environment whose database you want to connect to (typically, dev, test, or prod, for the development, staging, and production environments, respectively). Note that unlike drush sql-cli, the ah-sql-cli command does not support the --uri option.

    For example:

    • If your sitename is myexample and you want to connect to the primary database for your production environment, use the following command:


You can now run SQL commands from the mysql> prompt. Enter quit to exit when you finish.

Similar commands to ah-sql-cli

Cloud Platform also includes the ah-sql-connect command, which is a Drush command you can also use connect to your database. The ah-sql-connect command is like drush sql-connect, except that ah-sql-connect doesn’t require a functioning Drupal website. The ah-sql-connect command takes the same options as ah-sql-cli. The output of ah-sql-connect is the MySQL command (with user name, password, and database name) which you can use to connect to your database. For example:

ah-sql-connect @[site].[env] mysql -h free-1712 -u example1dev -myverysecurepassword example1dev

Command options

To review the arguments and options for the ah-sql-cli and ah-sql-connect Drush commands, see Custom Drush commands for Cloud Platform.

Accessing your database with the Cloud Platform API

With the Cloud Platform API, you can create, restore, and delete backups of your application’s databases. For an example implementation, use the example database creation script.