Cloud Platform

Using Views Data Export

You may occasionally encounter issues when uploading files to applications running on Cloud Platform Enterprise. For cases when you’re using something similar to the Views Data Export (VDE) module, setting a special temp directory is not quite as easy as the case of plupload, because VDE uses Drupal’s stream wrapper mechanism for its temp files.

To direct VDE to use a temp directory different from the default, you must provide an alternative stream wrapper, which is the function of the Alternative Stream Wrappers module.


For additional information about resolving upload issues with Cloud Platform Enterprise, see Correcting broken file uploads.

To have VDE work on Cloud Platform Enterprise with a special temp directory:

  1. Install and enable the Alternative Stream Wrappers module.

  2. Set a variable to configure the alt_stream_wrappers_alt-temp_path variable to use a directory on the distributed file system. For example:

    • Drush:

      drush vset alt_stream_wrappers_alt-temp_path '/mnt/gfs/[docroot].[environment]/tmp'

    • Or, edit the settings.php file and add:

      $conf['alt_stream_wrappers_alt-temp_path'] = '/mnt/gfs/[docroot].[environment]/tmp';

  3. Configure VDE to use the alt-temp stream wrapper.

    • Drush

      drush vset views_data_export_directory 'alt-temp://'

    • Or, edit the settings.php file and add:

      $conf['views_data_export_directory'] = 'alt-temp://';

Your uploads should work once these are set. You can also use this method for plupload using plupload_temporary_uri: "alt-temp://". However, if you’re only using plupload, this method may be more than you need.