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Additional environments for Cloud Platform Enterprise

You may want more environments than the development, staging, and production environments that you receive initially. For example, you may want additional environments to support:

  • Testing integration with other systems

  • Providing separate environments for different developers or development teams, where your developers want to work on the infrastructure instead of locally

  • Performing load testing on a copy of your production infrastructure

Note for Cloud Platform Enterprise users

Additional environments, including Cloud Platform CD environments, can be created for Cloud Platform Enterprise applications. If you are a Cloud Platform Enterprise subscriber and you want to set up additional environments for an application, create a Support ticket. Ensure you note the following:

  • If your application uses shared staging infrastructure, you must pay an additional fee for each environment added.

  • If your application uses dedicated staging infrastructure, you won’t be charged for additional environments, but your infrastructure may require an upsize to accommodate the increased load or reduced resources per environment caused by the additional environments.

Aliases for additional environments

By default, Cloud Platform applications have three environments with the aliases dev, test, and prod. If you have a Cloud Platform Enterprise application with more than three environments and you must find what your environment names and aliases are, you can do one of the following:

  • Look at the /mnt/drush/<app>/ folder on your infrastructure. Files in that folder list the aliases for the environments. For more information, see Using Drush aliases.

  • Use the GET /sites/:site/envs Cloud API command. For example:

    curl -s -u user:pass

Listing available environments

For information on the availble environments: