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Using a third-party email service

A Drupal application may need to send email for several purposes, such as password resets, user registrations, or other notifications. Using the SMTP module, you can set up any non Acquia mail infrastructure, such as SendGrid, Mailchimp, or your own mail infrastructure etc.

Configuring the SMTP module

To configure the SMTP module:

  1. Sign in to your Drupal application as an administrator and go to the Admin > Configuration page for the SMTP module.

  2. In Install Options, select On to turn the module on.

  3. In SMTP Server Settings, specify the SMTP server and SMTP port.

  4. In SMTP Authentication, enter the following:

    • Username: Your mail infrastructure username

    • Password: Your mail infrastructure password

  5. In Email options, enter a valid from address and a name for the sender of the email (such as your name or your site’s name).

  6. Click Save configuration.

You can also use encryption with your connection. Instead of the previous values, use the following values in the appropriate places:

  • Set the SMTP port to 587

  • Set Use encrypted protocol to Use TLS.

Your Drupal application can now send email through your mail infrastructure.

Many other third party mailing services are available. As always, it is important to do your research and select the one that best integrates with your service needs.