Cloud Platform

Using Production mode to protect your live application

When you first create an application, the Production environment is in the Pre-launch mode. When you are ready to publish the application, you should change it to the Production mode. In the Pre-launch mode, you can freely drag your files or database to the Production environment. In the Production mode, you cannot copy your files or database to the Production environment. This protects you from possibly destroying your live application by overwriting your Production files and databases.

You copy databases and files up to the Production environment only until you first launch your application. After that, you push code to Production, but you pull databases and files backwards from Production to the Staging and Development environments for testing and development.


The Production mode isn’t available on Site Factory. For information about Site Factory deployments, see Deployments in Site Factory.

Enabling Production mode

To change your Production environment’s mode:

  1. Sign in to the Cloud Platform user interface and select your application.

  2. Select the Production environment.

  3. Click Actions > Enable Production Mode.

    The system displays a dialog box.

  4. Click Enable.

Disabling Production mode

To disable the Production mode, complete the same procedure listed previously and click Disable Production Mode.