Cloud Platform

Starting over with a Cloud Platform subscription

Although websites on Cloud Platform cannot be deleted by users, it is possible to remove the website’s data and start over from scratch. Use the information on this page to help you find the resources you can use to reset a previously created and developed website.


If you delete your website’s data and then need to recover it, Acquia can provide only extremely limited support, if any at all. Do not follow these suggestions unless you are completely confident that you want to remove your website. If you are not sure, create a Support ticket.

Resetting the Git repository

For an explanation of how to delete the Git repository for a website and remove all of its the code and history, see Reset a Git repository on Acquia Cloud.

Deleting files and databases

After you determine that you no longer require your website’s files, you can rsync the files to another location before deleting them from the directories, if needed. After you have copies of any required files from your website, you can delete the website files if you do not plan to use them again.

For instructions about how to delete a database, see Deleting a database.