Cloud Platform

Subscription details

When you click the subscription name from your Cloud Platform Subscriptions page, you can view additional details about your subscription.

Basic information

All Cloud Platform subscriptions have details about their overall subscription in the Basic Information table. These items include:

  • Name - Subscription name

  • Product - Product this subscription uses

  • Start date - Subscription start date

  • Expire date - Subscription start date

  • Applications - List of applications available to your subscription


In addition to the previous items, Cloud Platform displays the following additional information to self-service customers regarding their subscriptions, on a per-management-plan basis:

  • Base plan - Your subscription’s contracted size

  • Current plan - Current size of your subscription, and the date it began

  • Drupal app - Number of Drupal applications in this plan, with links to those applications

  • Max file storage - Maximum amount of file storage for your application, in GB

  • Max database storage - Maximum amount of database space, in GB