Cloud Platform

What to do if your application is down

If you are using New Relic uptime monitoring within your Acquia subscription and it reports that your application is down, here are some steps to take to identify and resolve the problem:

  • Check the Acquia status page

    The Acquia status page reports issues that Acquia is aware of that affect our customers’ applications, including Amazon Web Services issues, external DNS issues, or other incidents. In some cases, your applications may be down due to global issues that are beyond your control. Incidents that cause applications to be down are treated as the highest level of severity and Acquia works continuously until they are resolved. Acquia updates the status page regularly until the incident is resolved.

  • Check the Cloud Platform interface Stack Metrics and Production environment Overview pages

    The Cloud Platform interface provides valuable information about your application’s health.

    The Stack Metrics page reports on your application’s CPU, memory, and storage usage. If your environments are running on Acquia’s Cloud Classic infrastructure and your disk storage space is full, your applications might become impaired.

    The Overview page for an environment shows a task log. Examine the task log and look for failed tasks. Check whether there have been any changes to the code or database in your Production environment that might have caused your application to go down.

  • Check the logs

    Check your infrastructure error and access logs for errors. For information about what to look for, see Searching the error logs to troubleshoot problems.

    You can download your logs from the Logs page. For more information, see About Cloud Platform logging.

  • Contact Acquia Support

    If your Acquia subscription entitles you to file support tickets, you can create a Support ticket. In general, if your application is down due to a global issue noted on the Acquia Status page, there is no need to create a ticket. Contact Acquia Support if an issue is particular to your application.