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File formats in forwarded log files

Acquia’s log forwarding feature adds the following items to the beginning of each line in your forwarded log files. The local copies stored on Cloud Platform remain unchanged. For a list of log files available from Cloud Platform and their formats, see About Cloud Platform logging.

The following line is a representative example of the data the log forwarding feature adds to the beginning of each line:

<133>1 2019-08-01T17:21:59+00:00 web-00000 alphabeta.fpm-error - - -

Use the following table to learn more about each of the items, including their descriptions:

0<133>The message priority, calculated by the section 6.2.1 of the RFC 5424 standard. A message priority of 133 is a NOTICE-level message from local0. For a table of possible values for this field, see Syslog Priority Facility Severity Grid.
11The version of the syslog protocol specification.
22019-08-01T17:21:59+00:00The date and time Cloud Platform forwarded this information to your external service.

The internal hostname of the infrastructure the log file originated from.


For logs originating from Cloud Next, this field is -.


The internal Acquia site name this request is for, and type of log file, separated by a period.

For production environments, each log entry contains: [sitename].[log-type]. For example, examplesite.apache-access.

For non-production environments, each log entry contains: [sitename][env].[log-type]. For example, examplesitedev.apache-access.

  • Sitename is examplesite
  • Environment is dev
  • Log type is apache-access
5-Process ID (pid). This field isn’t used.
6-Message ID (msg_id). This field isn’t used.

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