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Fpm error logs

The Fpm error log (fpm-error.log) records infrastructure-level issues with Fpm’s process management in PHP. It is closely related to the Fpm access log, which records all requests to PHP, and the PHP error log, which records application-level issues encountered while processing a request. The Fpm error log only handles web requests; command-line requests are logged in the PHP error log.

For a list of the log files handled by Cloud Platform, including accessing these log files, log file retention, and their locations, see About Cloud Platform logging.

Note for log forwarding users

Acquia’s log forwarding feature adds information to the beginning of each line that is forwarded to an external service. For more information, see File formats in forwarded log files.

Parsing the log file

The following line is a representative example of the data written into your website’s Fpm error log:

[04-Jan-2017 18:45:13] NOTICE: [pool alphabeta] child 20069 exited with code
0 after 3832.234353 seconds from start

Each of the items in the Fpm error log is noted in the following table, along with its description:





[04-Jan-2017 18:45:13]

The date and time of the request.



The issue severity. Possible values include ALERT, ERROR, WARNING, NOTICE, and DEBUG.


[pool alphabeta]

The Fpm pool in which the error occurred.


All other information in the line

The message, which will vary from line to line.