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Stack Metrics - Additional Metrics

These metrics are not applicable to environments running on Cloud Next technologies and do not appear in the Stack Metrics user interface for those environments.

This graph includes global metrics that do not fit specifically into one of the other report sections.

Additional metrics



Out of memory errors

Number of times your cluster recorded a PHP Out of Memory error


Use the information in this section to help you troubleshoot load general issues with your Cloud Platform application.

  • “Out of memory” errors:

    These errors occur when a process in your stack attempts to utilize more memory than your infrastructure has available. Often, that specific process will fail, but subsequent requests—and any processes running at the same time—will operate normally. In those circumstances, it can be difficult to identify the root cause. In some cases, however, frequent or recurring out-of-memory events could indicate that there is either an issue with the application, or a certain tier of the stack is too close-to-capacity to safely handle the activity taking place on it—for example, page requests, cron jobs, or even normal background operations. Random occurrences of this error are not uncommon and should not be a cause for concern. Repeat occurrences (more than a few times per day) can indicate that there is a problem with your application or the health of your stack. If these types of errors occur frequently on your cluster, the most common solution is an infrastructure upsize. Acquia Support may also be able to assist with diagnostics.